St. Kitts Water Services Dept.

                                    Refunds for Utility Customers Policies and Procedures


Water services are irrevocable.  However the Dept. realizes that exceptional circumstances can take place that may require credit adjustments.  The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform guidelines for the issuance of utility customer refunds resulting from overpayment and erroneous payments on utility accounts.


For active Accounts:

Any overpayment made by a customer whose account is up to date will be reflected as a credit balance on the customer’s account that will be applied to future bills.

Refunds for payments made online or through a bank on any utility account erroneously will be issued upon the request of the account holder when payments made result in a credit balance that exceeds $300.00 on the account.

Refunds will only be processed within a minimum five (5) working days of payment being posted to the account.

No refund will be processed if the next bill is scheduled to be issued within ten (10) days from date of payment being posted to the account.

In the event a billing adjustment creates a credit balance on account, the credit will be applied to future bills.

To Request a Refund

All refunds are processed upon request of the account holder and must be made in writing.

The request can be emailed to or through regular mail, addressed to the following:

                The Manager

                Attn: Customer Services Manager

                Water Services dept

                P.O box 80




In case of a dispute, the key to speeding up the refund is having proof of payment. Proof of payment may be required by furnishing one of the following:

• Copy of front and back of cancelled check(s); or,

 • Copy of payment receipt(s).

 For accuracy when processing a refund, the following information is required and must be present in the request:

• The account number to which the payment was made;

• The first and last name and mailing address; and,

 • A brief explanation giving reason for the refund.

 If another party paid the utility account (such as a builder, a prior or subsequent owner, title company, leaseholder, mortgage company, or someone who owns part of the same property), the party may be asked to provide proof of identification to ensure that refunds only go to the appropriate party

Receiving a Refund:

Refunds are made in the form of a check made payable to the registered name on the account. All refunds are to be collected at the Accountant General’s Chamber in the name of account holder. No interest will be applied to refunds