Why is my water bill so high?

If you see a sudden spike in your water bill, there is most likely a leak at your premises. Contact the Water Services Department to request an inspection or get a competent Plumber to assist you to locate and repair it.  Ninety percent of the times water is being lost through the toilet(s).  Certain parts of a toilet malfunction with age and can be easily replaced.

Please contact the Customer Services Division to have your bill adjusted once you have located and fixed the leak.

Why does my consumption vary from month to month?

You can expect some minor variation in consumption from month to month depending on the activities undertaken in your home.  Pay close attention to how you use water around the home. If your consumption varies widely, check for leaks and act fast to repair identified leaks.

For water conservation tips, please see SK WSD Water Conservation Tips.

Why does the cost of a new water service connection vary?

The cost of a new water service connection varies depending on the SIZE of your connection and whether or not road repairs are required in installing the water meter.  A standard water service connection is ½”.

Please see SK WSD Service Connection Fees.

How is my account billed? How is the rate calculated? How much do I pay for water?

All accounts are billed monthly, based on monthly meter readings or an estimated consumption (if we are unable to access your meter). Your water bill consists of the following components:

  • Meter Rental Charge
  • Water Charge, which is fixed in accordance with the use of the property (Domestic, Non-Domestic or Agriculture):
  • The minimum monthly charge for Domestic supply is 20 ECD
  • The minimum monthly charge for Non-Domestic supply is 39.50 ECD

Why do I receive a water bill even if my residence is vacant or I have been away for a long time?

As long as your home / business has a water meter connected, the minimum amount of 20 ECD will be charged on a domestic account and 39.50 ECD on a non-domestic account even if water consumption is zero.

Please contact the Customer Services Division to apply for a disconnection if the premises will be vacant for a prolonged period and you no longer wish to have a water supply. A reconnection fee of EC$50.00 would be charged when supply is reinstated.

Where can I pay my bill?

You can pay your water bill in person at the Water Services Department at Needsmust and at the Inland Revenue Department, Bay Road, Basseterre. You can also pay your water bill online or at the counter at the following local banks: SKNA National Bank, Scotiabank and CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, or online at www.paykn.com.

Am I responsible for water rates even though my premises are rented?

Our Regulations states that “every application for water to be supplied to any premises shall be made by the Owner […]”.  It further states that “Water Service Rates shall be paid by the person requiring, receiving or using the water supplied […]”.  Therefore, the WSD enters into a contract with the Land Owner when a water connection is made. The Land Owner is ultimately responsible for the water rates charged to their property. The bill can be sent “in care of” the tenant but the owner bears the final responsibility for the bill.

Where is my meter?

The meter is often placed on the sidewalk in a box or the next best suitable location. In some cases, the meter is located within your premises. The meter remains the property of the Water Services Department. Please do not block access to or tamper with the meter.

How often is my meter read?

Your meter is read once per month. Get to know your Meter Reader.  If your meter is within your premises please do not block access to or tamper with the meter.

Please see SK WSD Meter Reading Schedule.

Can I read my meter?

Yes, you can read your meter to monitor your own consumption especially if you suspect you have a leak. Take a reading at night before you go to bed and again in the morning before any activities take place (i.e. showers). If the number shown on the meter has changed, then you have a leak within your premises.

Please see SK WSD How to read my meter.

Why does my bill have an estimated meter reading?

If no meter is installed at your premises or if the meter is not functioning or difficult to access, than your water consumption will be estimated based on the minimum usage or historical usage.

Please contact the Customer Services Division at 869.466.3070 if you receive several months of estimated readings.

Why does my water look “milky / cloudy”?

The cloudy water is likely caused by tiny air bubbles in the water similar to the gas bubbles in beer and carbonated soft drinks. After a while, the bubbles rise to the top and are gone.

Another cause of cloudiness in cold water comes from calcium. In certain waters, the nontoxic chemical calcium carbonate will form a white residue when it settles out of the water. This water is perfectly safe to drink or use for cooking, though it may be unappealing to look at.

What activity in my home uses the most water?

Toilet flushing is by far the largest single user of water in a home.  Older flush toilets use about 4 to 7 imperial gallons. Modern ones use as little as 1.5 gallons per flush.  Without counting the watering of lawns, typical percentages of water use for a family are:

  • Toilet flushing 40%
  • Bath and shower 32%
  • Laundry 14%
  • Dishwashing 6%
  • Cooking and drinking 5%
  • Bathroom sink 3%

Where does my drinking water come from?

There are two major sources of drinking water: surface water and groundwater. Surface water comes from springs. Ground water comes from wells that the WSD drills into aquifers.

An aquifer is an underground geologic formation through which water flows slowly. Most of our wells are relatively shallow – 50 to 100 feet deep. Springs begin underground as groundwater. When the water is pushed to the surface and flows out of the ground naturally, it becomes a spring.

More than 50% of the water supply in St. Kitts is from underground sources.

Please see SK WSD Water Sources Poster.

Why is my water supply shut off? Why is my water pressure low?

There are several reasons why you may not have water or have low water pressure.

In order to repair burst pipe / leaks and/or install meters or other devices, the water supply has to be shut off temporarily for the maintenance work to be done. This is rarely more than a few hours.

In the event of a prolonged dry spell or drought, the WSD can preemptively shut off water supply in order to protect limited supplies.  During the dry season, it is more difficult to store large quantities of water in our storage reservoirs. As levels decrease, your water pressure may be affected especially if you live close to a storage reservoir.

If you do not have water or have low pressure, it is best to ask your neighbors if they are without water to confirm whether or not water supply has been interrupted. Otherwise, it may be a plumbing issue on your premises. If the water supply has been interrupted, check in the NOTICES section of the website for more information, call your local Water Overseer or call the main office at 869.466.3070. or 869.466.1467.

Who can I call if I have an issue with my water supply?

There are many ways to report issues with your water. Please call 869.466.3070 or 869.466.1467 to report any issues. Get to know your local water overseer as they are most familiar with the water system in your area and can respond in a timely manner.

Please see SK WSD District Map